Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Changes are Coming


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Develop the Young Reader is a title once used by some those that eventually went on to start the RFF group and to incorporate as a non-profit in Utah. Now it is being activated with new membership.

 What about RFF?

Unfortunately, RFF Org met with hard times when trustee Bobby DuFault died unexpectedly. Efforts to fill her shoes were stymied when few could attend the annual trustees meeting required by the state of Utah. Lacking a quorum and the physical presence of trustees, the organization floundered.

There is still an active discussion on books and their value, still workshops given at conventions, and still active interest in the goals of RFF. However, there is no way to currently continue the non-profit incorporation or to get federal tax-exempt status. One major issue is funding--there were not enough donations to fund applications and such. Another major issue was the health of Dave Anderson, who required surgery and recovery time coincident with major application deadlines, effective fundraising timelines and other events.

So RFF Organization as a non-profit will most likely be allowed to lapse.

 Look for News of the Changes

From the ashes rises a new interest in DYReader, DYWriter, and DYArtist.

I will let you know what that means for this blog and the RFF website, which was run by Bobby DuFault, in a later post. I am still seeking clarification.

Never fear, the interest in encouraging young readers to enjoy speculative fiction is still present in many a heart. The Facebook page is still active. The workshops for teaching with science fiction are still being developed. There is still quality work being done and networking is still active.

I apologize  dropping out myself. After my mother died in 2011, I moved to Texas, changed jobs, moved on, retired, watched my daughter go off to Afghanistan and return to move to Arizona, and started a freelance business. Writing this blog has been something I would get to, maybe--ah-- tomorrow. Maybe now it can become active again. Be patient.

I will try to let you know what to expect soon.

 What to do Now

Meanwhile, take a look Julie Czernada's web site and her stuff for educators in the Classroom link.

Congratulations to the new WorldCon award winners, the Golden Duck winners, etc.

Meanwhile, keep visiting the RFF Facebook page and participating in the RFF Yahoo Group.