Links to Collections Reflections and FB Report

This page provides links to the blog posts for the semi-biweekly newsletter, Reflections Collection, and the semi-weekly FB Report: Lots of Links on Speculative Fiction on Facebook. (That was the plan. Read on about how the plan changed.)

Different issues are identified by the date in the title. The first Reflections Collection issue was posted on 10/11/10. In 2010 look for future issues on or near the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month. Starting in January, 2011, the frequency changed to monthly, except a death in the author's family threw the schedule off during April, May and June of 2011. Contents of the posts cover a summary of blog activity and a few original anecdotes of RFF activities.

The FB Report was begun at about the same time and is posted on most weekends in 2010, twice a month in 2011 until April-June 2011 (see above). In May, 2011 a decision was made to publish the report biweekly or only when the number of Facebook posts warranted a posting. the FB Report is designed to be a collection of the links that are mentioned on the Facebook page Reading For the Future. These links are often treasure houses of information on speculative fiction for kids, but can cover related topics.