Reading for the Future Resources Collection

The activities of RFF volunteers have resulted in a collection of resources that are shared among the group as needed. Often one or two individuals, usually the creator(s) of the resource, will have a copy and will share it whenever it is needed. Other times, there is a location online where anyone can download or copy the information. If you want more information about any particular item, just ask. We are always glad to share what we know.

Now that RFF is incorporated [circa 12/19/10] as RFF, Inc., the practice of sharing resources is an official mission and goal of this non-profit organization. Volunteers are still the mainstay of the organization. We are pretty much the same group, just official and tax-free.[Added 2/22/11]

Have a project with a similar mission? Maybe RFF, Inc., volunteers can help. Definitely we would like to know about it. Maybe we can add a link to our list &/or a description to our blog.

Because this is a growing list, dates of posting will be added to each item.

Resource Categories
  1. Articles and Discussions, including rff on fb
  2. Associated Organizations
  3. Awards of Interest
  4. Book Lists
  5. Conventions of Interest
  6. Lesson and Workshop Resources
  7. Reading for the Future Online

Articles and Discussions
Many have written online about using speculative fiction for education.  Some of these essays are collected here.

The Purpose of Reading Science Fiction a forum thread in AboutSF.

Science Fiction Books and Reading a set of writings on teaching with science fiction.

Link Sets from the Reading For the Future Page on Facebook: the FB Report
a set of links to online articles on science fiction, other forms of speculative fiction, and the science in science fiction spanning several weeks of the Reading for the Future page on Facebook, mostly. This link is to the page Newsletter where all the FB Reports links are listed. Below is to the first FB Report created for this blog. 
[updated, 2/22/11]

FB Report:  Lots of Links on Speculative Fiction -- 10/12/10

Awards of Interest 

Golden Duck Awards
sponsored by Super-Con-Duck-Tivity; awarded at World Con; Working convention and fundraiser is Duckon; given for excellence in science fiction books written for children. Several awards are presented. For more information about Super-Con-Duck-Tivity, visit either site, especially Duckon. The 4 annual Golden Duck Awards are listed below.
  1. Picture Book  Given for books written for very young children.
  2. Eleanor Cameron Award for Middle Grades  Given for books written for grades 2 to 6.
  3. Hal Clement Award for Young Adult  Given for books written for grades 6 to 12.
  4. Special Awards  Given to acknowledge a book, author, illustrator or publisher not fitting in one of the other categories. This award is created on an as-needed basis.

Hugo Award
sponsored by The World Science Fiction Society; awarded annually at WorldCon; given to the best in science fiction as determined by a vote of fans.

University of Kansas Center for the Study of Science Fiction and AboutSF present these awards annually.
  1. John W. Campbell Memorial Award
  2. Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award
  3. Hall of Fame  

Cybils Awards
Cybils Awards are given annually to children's fiction authors as judged by bloggers who volunteer to judge, including youth. This site, too, posts critiques of children's books, especially YA fiction. There are categories of critiques for speculative fiction genres. Cybils is the acronym for Children's and Young Adult Bloggers' Literary Awards. 
Associated Organizations
Organizations that share a similar mission; some of these often collaborate with members of RFF in projects; some even share members.
Numerous book lists of speculative fiction that can be used with children to encourage reading have been created or used by members. Look for this list of links to grow.  There are two basic types of book lists: Books about using Speculative Fiction with Grades K-12 and Speculative Fiction to be Read by Children of Grades K-12.

A Basic Science Fiction Library originated by author and professor James Gunn and maintained by the Center for the Study of Science Fiction at the University of Kansas and AboutSF.  Most books on the list are considered adult fiction but are suitable for young adult readers.

Past winners of each of the awards are listed on the websites of the awards. Sometimes the nominees are listed, too.

Reading for the Future page on Facebook Discussion Threads a growing list of books often categorized by age or grade level. 

RFF Member Favorites a growing list of books mentioned by members of RFF for various reasons.  Segments of this list will be a feature of Reflections Collection, the "Reflections" newsletter generally posted twice monthly.  In the archives, different newsletter volumes are distinguished by the date in the title. Soon a page of Booklists will be posted. [2//22/11]

Conventions of Interest

DucKon   annual fundraiser for the Golden Duck Awards 

North American Science Fiction Convention  generally held in the USA when WorldCon is not located in North America.

WorldCon the World Science Fiction Convention presented annually by the World Science Fiction Society.

Upcoming Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions that Have Come to my Attention This article was posted on conventions. In the comments to the article are other conventions of interest. 


Lesson and Workshop Resources for Teaching with Speculative Fiction

AboutSF's Teaching Speculative Fiction: A Portable Workshop.
first presented at the 2009 WorldCon as Anticipation. Available from presenters through either AboutSF or RFF, Inc. 

Heinlein Society Educational CD.  Created in collaboration with RFF, this CD contains lessons, essays, science fiction short stories and books by several authors and by Robert Heinlein. It is given free to teachers and librarians. Get more information

 'Lil Newt.  A poster for use with workshops and more by M. Starkey and given to RFF, Inc.

Response to Contemporary Literature: Science Fiction.  Various units on classic science fiction books.

Reading for the Future Online 

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