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FB Report: Lots of Links on Speculative Fiction -- 6/15/11

Rahul Talakanti I Like science Fiction.i was An Alien in my past Life in Another Galaxy. my Age is 18,00years in my past Life.i Got my past Life Through a Dream in a midnight sleep. on That planet Aliens 'Life span' is 3,000years.(1 Day=100hrs, 1 year = 1000 Days). on That planet Aliens are Looking so Handsome.They haven't ill, Dandruff,Fungal infections,cancer,cold,.,.etc. ...Their Body Resistance power is so GOOD. on That planet motor cars,vehicles are used solar Energy,Not Like us petrol,Diesel,.,.etc. Their Film Actors are Looking Like Angels.
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Reading For the Future Rahul, this sounds like the seeds of a book. Why not write one about your dreams as you experience that world? If the book is suitable for kids, let us know--especially since this page focuses on books for children as shared by speculative and science fiction fans.~Valerie C.

Reading For the Future
We who read science fiction read it because we love to experience this chain-reaction of ideas being set off in our minds by something we read, something with a new idea in it; hence the very best science fiction ultimately winds up being a collaboration between author and reader, in which both create--and enjoy doing it: joy is the essential and final ingredient of science fiction, the joy of discovery of newness.
Reading For the Future ?~Philip K. Dick
Rahul Talakanti I Like science Fiction.i was An Alien in my past Life in Another Galaxy. my Age is 18,00years in my past Life.i Got my past Life Through a Dream in a midnight sleep. on That planet Aliens 'Life span' is 3,000years.(1 Day=100hrs, 1 year = 10...
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Reading For the Future from Cynthia Ward Announcing TR:SF, an all-science fiction special issue, coming this fall.
Technology Review Goes From Fact to (Science) Fiction - Technology Review
Many of the editors at Technology Review are long-time science fiction fans--like many scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs, our interest in science and technology was sparked by a heavy diet of science fiction in our youth. For us, science fiction is another way to approach the same fundamental...

Reading For the Future thank you Christopher Barzak for another response to the WAJ article
Why the Best Kids Books Are Written in Blood
Some cultural critics argue that kids books have become too violent, too dark, too adult. Sherman Alexie, author of "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian," argues that such books give young readers the tools they need to survive.
Ruth R. Davidson Thank you! That article moved me to tears. It's the best response yet to Gurdon.
Ruth R. Davidson I just read the book, "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian". I can see what people are complaining about it, but they missed a whole lot of good by focusing on the parts that made them uncomfortable.
Reading For the Future  I'm glad you liked it :)
One thing that is really bothering me about this entire argument is that 100 years ago "children's" books were Treasure Island and Peter Pan, and those are two of the most violent "children's" books I've ever read! Maybe not dark, per se, but they certainly aren't pure white bread.

Reading For the Future
Check out the poll at the bottom -
Are darker themes in youth fiction helpful or harmful to teenagers?
82% (1213 votes) say helpful
18% (269 votes) say harmful
Should Young Adult Books Explore Difficult Issues?
?"A great book is a perfect starting point for talking with kids about the real world around them. "
StarDragon T. Canadian Forces Of Good now at 88.7% !

Reading For the Future More on how do we decide what books to recommend to kids.~Valerie C.
Is The Hunger Games corrupting kids? - The Week
Has young-adult fiction become harmfully dark as a whole — or have teens always had to sift through subpar books to find enduring literature?

Reading For the Future Cie McCullough says, "Usually eschew lists; I find them nothing more than some else's opinion. However, this one is compiled to familiarize any high school student with the classics before they are required reading in college. Does it say something about the education system that I have read only 25%and still maintained a B+ average in both HS and college?"~Valerie C.
100 Books Every High School Student Should Read | Accredited Online
When preparing for college, one of the smartest moves a high schooler can make is to read, read, read. This is especially true of literary classics. Many of the books covered on this list also surface in university literature classes, so high school students can facilitate their college workloads
Reading For the Future Visit Cie's page or see it on mine for some interesting comments on the link!~ Valerie Coskrey

Reading For the Future School Library Journal Review of the first book by upcoming new author Mark Jeffrey. 'Max Quick: The Pocket and the Pendant' will attract fans of Percy Jackson!
New review (came out today) from School Library Journal
By: The Max Quick Series
Mark Jeffrey A very promising young lad, I must say! :)

Reading For the Future A teen reader responds to Ms Gurdon
Booking Through 365: There Are Whole Lives In These Bookshelves
Dear Ms Gurdon, Your article about YA literature has become a huge topic of conversation with the YA community filled with bloggers, authors, librarians, teachers and publisher professionals alike.

Reading For the Future Thanks to Christopher Barzak for this link:
A response to WSJ's article about YA lit
"That 'adult' aspect of reading is scary for many of us. It's our job as parents to protect our kids, even as they slowly move out into the world and further away from our dictates. But there's something almost comical about raising them with tales of big bad wolves and poisoned apples"
Teenagers: Has young adult fiction become too dark?
A scorching Wall Street Journal editorial rips apart the genre -- and lights up the Internet
Bev Kodak The author of the WSJ article apparently missed the point, as so many adults do. YA lit is inherently about hope, and how the human spirit triumphs over adversity. I like Bazarak's piece a lot. See also Laurie Halse Anderson's, Kathleen Duey's and many others' well reasoned responses.
Ruth R. Davidson From a teen reader:
Reading For the Future Thanks Ruth! Just reposted it :)

Reading For the Future Contemporary fiction for teens is rife with explicit abuse, violence and depravity. Why is this considered a good idea?
Darkness Too Visible
Meghan Cox Gurdon on Jackie Morse Kessler's Rage, Cheryl Rainfield's Scars, Suzanne Collins's Hunger Games and other examples of contemporary young-adult fiction.

Reading For the Future
photos of sci fi fans shared by V. Coskrey, although like Cie, I was not there and live east of the Rockies.~Valerie C.
Norwescon 34: Saturday
Saturday at Norwescon 34. NOTE: This album is still in progress. More photos yet to come!
By: Norwescon
Photos: 92

Reading For the Future Visit David Brin for a vote on favorites and for comments.~Valerie C.
Contrary Brin: My Top Choices in Science-Oriented WebComics

Reading For the Future David Brin shared this link.~Valerie C.Andrea Kuszewski's link.
» Want Kids to Win the Future? Turn Them Into Makers — and Sci-Fi Fans
Nolan Bushnell once almost destroyed his family's garage. As a youngster in Utah, he went tooling around with a liquid-fuel rocket on a roller skate and
 Want Kids to Win the Future? Turn Them Into Makers — and Sci-Fi Fans
Get in-depth coverage of current and future trends in technology, and how they are shaping business, entertainment, communications, science, politics, and culture at
Reading For the Future link to the article sans the facebook input:

Reading For the Future More on the great exhibition on Science Fiction happening until September 25th in London.
"Explore a range of imaginings that have provoked hopes and dreams, exhilaration and fear - and see how science fiction has influenced scientific discovery."
Out of this World: Science Fiction but not as you know it
Our new exhibition which will explore the Science Fiction genre and show how there is more to this diverse canon than meets the eye
Laura Swift Lind very cool.

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FB Report: Lots of Links on Speculative Fiction -- 5/31//11

Announcing a change in posting policy. This column will be posted monthly or when the number of Facebook postings are numerous enough to demand a biweekly posting. I am job-hunting; wish me luck.

My apologies for not posting since the middle of April. I have been busy with family matters since the death of my mother in April.

This posting overlaps the one in April and the upcoming one in June. That way I know nothing was missed.

Note: in this posting are links to several interesting book lists, including this one:

Reading For the Future
This website is for students and instructors alike. As the name indicates, this website addresses possible future societies, primarily through literary works by George Orwell and Aldous Huxley. Brave New World and 1984 propose frightening scenarios for the future. Brave New World Revi

Reading For the Future A new exhibition dedicated to science fiction has opened at the British Library in London. Out Of This World aims to challenge visitors' perceptions of the genre and explore its relationship with science. Books on show at the exhibition, which is open to the public from May 20 until September 25, include a first edition of Thomas More's Utopia and Luigi Serafini's encyclopaedia of an imaginary world Codex Seraphinius
Sci-Fi... but not as you know it
Science fiction author China Mieville takes a tour of a new exhibition at the British Library which aims to challenge visitors' perceptions of the genre.

Reading For the Future This is a commercial for a Nook, but it pretty much sums up the way we all feel about reading.
NOOK Color "Read Forever™" Anthem
The new "Read Forever™" campaign from Barnes & Noble is a celebration of reading. The campaign evokes the emotions inspired by a great read and showcases the...

Reading For the Future
Washington bid for 2015 Worldcon
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Seattle Westercon Organizing Committee (SWOC) is announcing a bid to host the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention in Spokane, Washington in the summer of 2015...

Reading For the Future
Re-Reading the Okal Rel Saga Blog
Recruiting for a promo project "Re-Reading the Okal Rel Saga". I'll start with Courtesan Prince. Decided I'll go with the project if I get ten volunteers to assist by posting a summary/comments on a chapter, and will recruit for maximum of one per chapter...
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By: Lynda Williams

Reading For the Future
Jane Yolen's letter to the LA School administrator firing children's librarians to replace them with volunteers and kiosks: dist
Letter to the administrator in charge of firing LA school librarians who had the Board of Ed's lawyers take the librarians into the school basement and asked them to prove they were teachers with such questions as "Do you take attendance?". Dear Mr....

Reading For the Future
Please distribute:
Jane Yolen's Letter to the LA School Admin who fired Librarians and replaced them with Volunteers and Kiosks
Podkayne Fries ?"This content is currently unavailable".
May 27
Reading For the Future durnit - hold on
May 27
Reading For the Future there - copy paste works wonders
May 27

Reading For the Future via Lynda Williams, who mentions the coming revolution in publishing and reading.~Valerie C.
Riding the Avalanche by Ursula K. Le Guin « NorthWest Book Lovers
Just a couple of years ago I wrote that I thought the next big step in publishing would be print-on-demand. My prophecy failure rate continues to be perfect. We’re going direct to e-publication. And we’re going there very fast, in great disorder, riding an electronic avalanche.

Reading For the Future For anyone who missed the winner announcement. Congrats all!
2011 Nebula Award Winners!
The 2011 Nebula Award Winners

Reading For the Future From March, but still an interesting read. Some of the authors she discusses are in our lists of books for YA and oft discussed by our group.~Valerie C.
Late Night Rant on YA Sci-fi and the Labeling Of | Phoebe North
Phoebe North's review and writing blog, specializing in young adult science fiction and fantasy.

Reading For the Future Tonight at 8! Get those DVRs set!
Living in a Parallel Universe | National Geographic Channel
Parallel universes, strange hidden worlds, where an alternative reality exists have haunted science fiction for decades. Parallel universes sound like a myth, but a surprising number of leading scientists believe they are real. National Geographic delves into the mysterious science of other universe

Reading For the Future 
The stars of modern SF pick the best science fiction | Books | The Guardian
To celebrate the opening of the British Library's science fiction exhibition Out of this World, we asked leading SF writers to choose their favourite novel or author in the genre

Reading For the Future ArtOrder is a blog for and about the fantasy and sci-fi illustration community that is committed to mentoring, artistic improvement, and career enhancement. They recently issued the "Eowyn and the Nazgul" Challenge, offering people in the ArtOrder community a chance to interpret the scene their way, in any medium they choose, after reading the passage from the book. The 160 submissions can be seen through the link.
“Eowyn and the Nazgul” Challenge Line-up
The “Eowyn and the Nazgul” challenge was a daunting and huge challenge.We have a ton of judges (Dan Dos Santos, Jesper Ejsing, Eric Fortune, Justin Gerard, Donato Giancola, Arnie Fenner, Greg Manchess, John Jude Palencar, Matt Stewart,Petar Meseldzija,Greg Hildebrandt, & John Howe) that will be wand

Reading For the Future Another great discussion; be sure to read the comments: ~Valerie C.

Reading For the Future I cannot get the page to work as it usually does. See the link repeated below? I could not load it as a link, but does anyone know anything about the site? It seems to have some interesting but dated info. ~Valerie C.
Comments: (With the required link)
Reading For the Future This link: ~Valerie C.
May 13
Reading For the Future Cie, I had to do all kinds of workarounds. Rediculous. Or however you spell it. I assume by today things are fixed.~Valerie C.
May 13

Reading For the Future I saw an ad yesterday for a company looking for a freelance SF writer/cartoonist to author and sketch scenarios to go with various products to be advertised. People are paying attention to the genre.~Valerie C.

Reading For the Future Carl E. Mungan and John D. Emery from the U.S. Naval Academy have posted a physics education article, published in the May 2011 issue of The Physics Teacher
Cookies Required
ALERT! This service requires a web browser and/or firewall/network configuration that supports and accepts cookies. You may have been redirected to this page for one or more of the following reasons:
Comments: (with clarification. Thanks, Laura.)
Laura Swift Lind the link leads to a pdf that uses physics to demonstrate that it really would be possible to roll a ship like the Black Pearl over by running back and forth. you do need loose cannons, though
May 2
Reading For the Future I bet that's the only time you've used that sentence!
May 2
Laura Swift Lind ?:-) it was appropriate, & just had to be used
May 2

Reading For the Future Visit the Yahoo Group rff for discussions on reading and teaching SF; Come join the fun.~Valerie C.
rff : Talking Reading for the Future
rff: Talking Reading for the Future

Reading For the Future On this page, you will find resources and recordings from this program.
FableCroft » Swancon EduStream
On Friday 22 April 2011, as part of Swancon Thirty Six | Natcon Fifty, we ran an education-oriented professional development stream on “The Science in Science Fiction”. We looked at how Science, English and other subjects can incorporate speculative fiction into the curriculum in a valid and valuabl...

Reading For the Future Getting the public involved--and encouraging numerous ways to make the issues of designing DNA and biological molecules more familiar to the public. I always say the SF and Soaps helped us deal with test-tube babies, surrogate mothers, and gay marriage. Now artificial biology can benefit, too. ~ Valerie C.
Bio:Fiction Filmfestival about Synthetic Biology | Mladiinfo
The organisers of the Bio:Fiction Filmfestival are inviting filmmakers to share their cinematic visions of a future biotech society and take part in an international short fiction, documentary and animation film-competiton.

Reading For the Future Here you can get links to the podcast for your blog or website; registration for the Renovation teacher workshop, and a bit more info on it all.~Valerie C.
Reading for the Future Reflections: Preparing for Renovation: A Podcast of "Angela's Wisdom"

Reading For the Future here you can listen to the podcast of "Angela's Wisdom."
AboutSF | Saving the world through Science Fiction
AboutSF is a resource center for speculative literature, science fiction, and education. We are a joint project of the University of Kansas, the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, and the Science Fiction Research Association, with generous support from Tor Books, The Heinlein Prize Tru

Reading For the Future Looking for something entirely different, I came across this. For younger kids, possibly half are SF. The Table of Contents, listing all lessons and books covered, are available for preview.
Teaching Physical Science through Children's Literature
Integrate science and language arts while emphasizing the process skills common to both areas. * Inspired by favorite stories * 20 complete lessons * Connects science and language arts * Reproducible pages * National Science Education Standards ...

Reading For the Future Valerie interviewed Angela, whose short story will be used at Renovation 2011 and is now on podcast.~Valerie C.
Reading for the Future Reflections: Interview with Angela Lott, Co-author "Angela's Wisdom"

Reading For the Future I happened to be looking through and came across this great link. It covers everything from Anti-matter to Venus.
ASP: Science Fiction Stories with Good Astronomy & Physics
The Astronomical Society of the Pacific is an international nonprofit scientific and educational organization founded in 1889 that works to increase understanding and appreciation of astronomy.
Richard Buboltz Something new for my reading list! Thanks!!
April 24

Reading For the Future
Teaching SF at Worldcon
Want to build an alien or explore science fiction in the classroom? Renovation, the 69th Worldcon, today announced "Teaching SF", a workshop for teachers, librarians and parents on how to use science fiction as a teaching tool....
Rahul Talakanti Hi,Good morning,i am Rahul ,from INDIA.
i Like science Fiction & Fantasy very much. i Believe Aliens.
i Believe our Rebirth is also on other planets as Aliens; in that planets Alien Life span is 1,000years,or 10,000years,or 100,000years; in t...
See More
April 23

Reading For the Future This came to me via Lynda Williams. Can you imagine it?
eReaders will transform the developing world – in and outside the classroom « Educational Technolog
If Worldreader’s experience so far is any guide, e-readers are set to transform the developing world, both in – and outside the classroom. But this change won’t be driven by e-readers by themselves – it will be driven by human curiosity, ever-increasing connectivity, enlightened self-interest, and

Reading For the Future Thank you Laura Swift Lind
Experimental Biology 2011: The Biochemistry of Lewis Carroll | Neurotic Physiology
?[Alice:] ‘How would you like to live in Looking-glass House, Kitty? I wonder if they’d give you milk in there? Perhaps Looking-glass milk isn’t good to drink—’
Laura Swift Lind You're welcome
April 14

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A Worldcon Announcement: 2015 bid for Spokane

Spokane, WA, from Facebook profile
Through Dave, RFF has been informed that Spokane is a possible site for the 2015 Worldcon. The following is a press release.

The Seattle Westercon Organizing Committee (SWOC) is announcing a bid to host the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention in Spokane, Washington in the summer of 2015.

SWOC has hosted a number of major regional conventions, including Westercon
46 in 1993, Westercon 50 in 1997, Westercon 56 in 2003, Cascadia Con (the
eighth North American Science Fiction Convention) in 2005, and it is
currently planning Westercon 65, "ConClusion", to be held in Seattle in
2012. SWOC also organizes ConComCom, an annual conference for convention
organizers, and it is the legal corporate entity for ConFlikt, Seattle's
filk convention.

Spokane is a beautiful tourist-friendly destination in the Pacific
Northwest, with natural attractions in and around the city, great
restaurants, and other amenities. It is easy to reach by air, road, and
train. Spokane has an active fan community that is well-connected to the
broader circles of Pacific Northwest fandom. In fact, Spokane came to the
attention of SWOC by way of fan connections to Spokane's science fiction
literary community. SWOC conducted a review of many possible venues in the
Northwest, and Spokane was chosen for having the best combination of
facilities, fandom, transportation, and tourism.

The World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) has been held since 1939 as
a gathering of the science fiction community, where the Hugo Awards are
presented to honor the best print, media, and fan works within the genre and
community. In 2010, Worldcon was held in Melbourne, Australia; in 2011, it
is in Reno, Nevada, and in 2012 it will be in Chicago.

Venues are chosen by a site selection ballot two years before the event;
this bid is promoting Spokane for the ballot to be conducted at the Worldcon
in 2013. The bid will be filing with Bobbie DuFault and Sally Woehrle as
co-chairs of the 2015 Worldcon.

Members of the bid team are announcing the bid on Memorial Day weekend at
Miscon, Baycon, and Balticon. Planning discussions will be held at ConComCon
in Seattle on June 10-12. A launch party will be held at Renovation in Reno,
Nevada on the evening of Wednesday, August 17. Future events will be
announced on the bid website.

Fans can support the bid with presupports at $20 or "Friend of the Bid"
memberships at $120. Presupports can be obtained online on the bid website
or by mail.


For more information, contact: Alexander von Thorn, +1 416 879 3307 P.O. Box 1091 Woodville, WA 98072-1091


Alex von Thorn, Bid Chair, Spokane in 2015 Worldcon Bid,