What is the mission of 
Reading for the Future, Inc.?

Incorporated in 2010, the Mission statement in the Bylaws is as follows:
  • "The mission of RFF is to promote literacy and reading through the use of speculative fiction in homes, libraries and schools, particularly for middle and high school age students."
Since 1999, volunteers of RFF have expressed their common mission in various ways, yet always saying effectively the same thing. One difference in the original phrasing and the "unofficial versions" today are that the age groups served are often broadened to include elementary school students and even early college students.

Another inconsistent detail is the focus on science fiction as the major genre of speculative fiction to be used in encouraging reading among students. Not to disparage other genres of speculative fiction, but so many of the RFF volunteers are such die-hard science fiction fans, that sometimes other genres get less attention.

The Reading for the Future page on Facebook states the mission to be
  • "Reading for the Future is a grassroots volunteer organization whose aim is to help young people develop a love of reading & intellectual adventure through the vehicle of science fiction, fantasy & speculative fiction."
 By Valerie Coskrey