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FB Report: Lots of Links on Speculative Fiction -- 12/5/10

Reading For the Future VOYA reports on a Scholastic report on what motivates children to read.
New Study on Reading in the Digital Age;
Scholastic surveyed 1,045 children age 6-17 and their parents (for a total of 2,090 respondents) in an online survey in the spring of 2010.

Reading For the Future [Writer's Workshop] Applications for 2011 workshop are accepted from December 1st, 2010 to March 1st, 2011.
Clarion Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers' Workshop;
Established in 1968, Clarion is widely recognized as a premier training ground for aspiring writers of fantasy and science fiction.

Reading For the Future Protect your local libraries, everyone. This seems to be a growing trend.
A library without the books - The Boston Globe
Instead of a library, the academy is spending nearly $500,000 to create a “learning center’’. In place of the stacks, they are spending $42,000 on three large flat-screen TVs that will project data from the Internet and $20,000 on special laptop-friendly study carrels. Where the reference desk was, ...

Posted by Dave Anderson: I have changed my one email to dander1938@q dot com DGA [SPACE dot SPACE ADDED BY BLOGMASTER]

Reading For the Future Walter Jon Williams, Nancy Kress, and special lecturer Jack Skillingstead
Taos Ski Valley, NM
Taos ToolBox, two-week Master Class in Science Fiction and Fantasy, July 10-23, 2011
Taos ToolBox, two-week Master Class in Science Fiction and Fantasy , July 10-23, 2011, taught by Walter Jon Williams, Nancy Kress, and special lecturer, Jack Skillingstead. Taos Toolbox will be a graduate workshop designed to bring your science fiction and fantasy writing to the next level....

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Dave Anderson Nancy wrote one of the three publiswhed(sic)books in David Brin's Out of Time Series. I still would like db to write book zero and restart the series. DGA
November 29 at 7:13pm

Dave Anderson db is David Brin. He did say at one time that he could do a book zero. He is I think getting another book ready. DGA
November 29 at 7:44pm

Reading For the Future E-Books are great, but I really hope they never completely replace physical books. Especially not in institutions of learning.~Cie>
Lamar High's Library Ousts Books
Just adding a coffee shop to a neighborhood library so people can feel like they're in Starbucks and ultra hip was apparently too passe a trend for Principal James McSwain of Lamar High School. Finishing up a week ago, McSwain has thrown out nearly all the books and filled the space they were unnec...

[see also (Re: group emails):
Lamar High's Library Ousts Books, Re-Opens as Coffee Shop;

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Dave Anderson I still like the feel of a real book. Recommend Lane's It's a Book for all you ereaders. DGA
November 29 at 9:45pm

Reading For the Future "I prefer Sprague de Camp's old definition, that a science fiction story is merely a human story with a human problem and a human solution that could not happen without its scientific content. Now, if you just plug the word fantasy into the gaps, the cloak covers so much more of the ground that science fiction easily fits inside."
Diane Duane says all fiction—even scifi—is a subset of fantasy
In an interview with io9, Young Wizards series author Diane Duane talks about her latest book, learning to build video games, and explains her love of science.

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Dave Anderson I read speculative fiction. Fantasy is one neigborhhood. Does it matter what we call it? Yes, originally RFF supported stories like those written by the Killer Bs. That was 1995ish Reading tastes change. So RFF is going back to our roots and give the kid a good SF book. DGA
November 29 at 7:51pm ·

Reading For the Future Thank you Meg Turville-Heitz for leading to this Science-fictional Thanksgiving Grace
John Scalzi - Saying Thanksgiving Grace, the Science-fictional Way - Feature
John Scalzi - Saying Thanksgiving Grace, the Science-fictional Way - Dear Great and Gracious Lord,This Thanksgiving, we pause to reflect on all the bounty and good fortune with which you have graced us this year. Thank you, Lord, for this feast we have in front of us and for the family and friends w...

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Reading For the Future and thanks Chris McKitterick too :)
November 25 at 8:51am

Reading For the Future In looking for "Science Fiction: the Classroom in Orbit. a Mini-Course Text From Educational Impact" by Beverly Friend, which Jan Howard Finder recommended, I found this interesting blog:
Biology in Science Fiction: Using Science Fiction to teach Science in India
We have tried to introduce following to lay people using tableaux based on sf stories.A. Cloning :Along with a mythological story sf dpictions on cloning very well explained the process and implications of the emerging technology to lay people.B. Biotechnology : The science fictional biotech tre...

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Dave Anderson Beverly often does the more Academic track at sf cons. RFF does more SF in the classroom such as MilPhil 2001. Both support SFF literacy with RFF targeting the middle graders who really do not read anything. Boys Read has a handle on how Jon does this. DGA

Reading For the Future RFF member and author has posted lessons on her web site for teaching with science fiction.
Julie Czerneda Official Site
Julie Czerneda's Official Site,Science Fiction and Fantasy Author and Editor, Information on her Work, Stories, and Educator Materials

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Dave Anderson Julie -- I need to go to AboutSF. Understand Scientific literacy is there. I was going to correct RFF url. Keep writing, DGA

Reading For the Future This link appeared in a comment to Cie's Geek Mom post listed below. (That is, it appeared on the Geek Mom site). Thought you might like it.~Valerie
Science In My Fiction
You have two friends, your two best friends, both witty, fun, and thoughtful. An hour or so spent with either one leaves your brain buzzing with new ideas and insights. “I gotta get these two together,” you think.

Posted by Jan Howard Finder A few, well maybe a little bit more than a few, years ago, I picked up the following boo from a friend of mine. I almost feel it should be reprinted.

Science Fiction: the Classroom in Orbit. a Mini-Course Text From Educational Impact
by Friend, Beverly

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Reading For the Future Jan? You picked up a 'boo'?
November 23 at 10:29pm

Jan Howard Finder Actually, a boo hoo, as the book is no longer available. :-)

I never said, I could spell. This is why I like dictionaries. I have several, including the OED in 2 volumes.
November 26 at 11:00am ·

Reading For the Future I am very happy to tell you that today there is an article at about Reading For the Future :)
GeekMom » Blog Archive » Reading for the Future Uses SciFi to Spark Kids’ Sense of Wonder
I love reading Science Fiction. Well, I love reading almost any type of Speculative Fiction, whether it be Science, Fantasy, Alternate History, Supernatural, maybe even a bit of Horror around Halloween.

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Reading For the Future Good News - the article was also posted by the Gifted Homeschoolers Forum! (I had nothing to do with this)
November 23 at 8:19pm ·

Reading For the Future So far this has been reposted by four friends and two groups - that I know of! :D
November 24

Reading For the Future Science - For people who think reality is more interesting than anything they could make up.
[Shows an image of the cover of Science at this url]

Reading For the Future discussed sf for social studies on the Reading For the Future discussion board.

Reading For the Future Check out the new Reflections Collection that was posted to the Reading for the Future blog Reflections today.
Reading for the Future Reflections: Reflections Collections -- 11/22/10

Reading For the Future From Dave Anderson, who does the day to day grunt work for RFF:
"I received the approved Articles of Incorporation from the State of Utah this last week. I am now working on 501(c)(3) status. Thank everyone who helped RFF to progress to this level in only 14 years. LOL Dave Anderson"

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Reading For the Future Please also remember, Talking RFF aka RFF @ is open and available to anyone. I encourage everyone with an interest in RFF to join.

Reading For the Future This sight lists awards given to children's books, but does not list the Golden Duck Awards. It does show images of the major science fiction award trophies, though. ~Valerie
AwardWeb: Literary Award Information and Photos

[This page shows photos and more info:, rffblogmaster]
Literary Award Information and Photos

Reading For the Future I also found this site. Both this site and the one below list the Golden Duck Awards.~Valerie
Science Fiction Awards Watch
All about science ficiton awards

Reading For the Future I found this site for literary awards on the web today.
The Locus Index to Science Fiction Awards, compiled by Mark R. Kelly
Listings, indexes, and tallies of SF, fantasy, and horror awards.

Reading For the Future
Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library Opens in Indianapolis
The author Kurt Vonnegut’s friends and family agree that his museum belongs in Indianapolis, the hometown with which he had a complicated and not always complimentary relationship.

Reading For the Future Teaching with Jules Verne
One of the great resources to be found at our Website!
Reading for the Future
Teaching with Jules Verne. Considered by some “The Father of Science Fiction”, in the 1800’s Jules Verne predicted many of the technologies that are reality today. Though Verne was not a scientist, he did have a passionate interest in it as well as a brilliant imagination. He was one of the few writ...

from Valerie's Wall

Lynda Williams
A funny video any published writer can relate to, shared to SF Canada by √Člisabeth Vonarburg

Science Fiction Book Club
Speculation is high about the script for JJ Abrams' second Star Trek movie. muses over a recent LA Times interview with the film's screenwriters. Anyone have anything they'd love to see happen in the sequel? For me, it's less lens flares. ~Diana
'Star Trek' sequel: 'We're looking at a lot of old episodes for inspiration,' say writers | PopWatch
Screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are still in the early stages of writing the sequel to 2009′s Star Trek reboot (likely due in the summer o...

In the spirit of returning levity to this page, I bring you the lost musical opening number of the Doctor Who (Matt Smith) episode of Craig Ferguson. It's pretty much the oddest thing I've seen in a while. Therefore, it's completely awesome.
See Craig Ferguson's Bizarre & Unaired Musical Opening For His DOCTOR WHO/Matt Smith Episode!! --..
A few weeks ago we referenced Matt Smith's appearance on Craig Ferguson's LATE SHOW. Smith is, of course, the current "Doctor" on DOCTOR WHO - introduced on the now-concluded, mostly excellent fifth season of the series.

Chris McKitterick
A present to myself for publishing my first novel! Meade Lightbridge 16" Dobsonian reflector telescope. AWESOME.

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