Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Upcoming Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions that Have Come to my Attention

Most conventions are annual events. At many of the larger cons are rff members indulging their passion for fun, creative dress, and dialog with like-minded readers.

At these cons meet members of several organizations that share the goals and mission of Reading for the Future, including RFF. They meet amid the fun to arrange collaborative activities and projects.

These members are often panelists and workshop presenters at these conventions. These members include authors and artists of the very genre that spawns the cons.

These members show teachers and homeschoolers and parents and librarians how to motivate children to read the books, which books are judged the better ones for such lofty purposes, and how to encourage youth to write for future youth, to pass on the sword as it were. Out of these conventions come the resources that are given freely to those who will teach and share.

OK. OK. I am NOT a sci fi writer. Just a wannabe. I am a fan. I get thrills from my association with these lofty elites of the genre, the authors who work as members of RFF. And there are quite a few. I have read books written by some of them.

To inform you readers of the upcoming conventions, I elected to make an entry to which comments could be added. Those of you who have a convention to list, comment away.

I will get the ball rolling with a comment on Rustycon in Seattle. I'll try to add more. You do the same.


  1. Rustycon for 2011
    Greater Seattle Area, Seattle, Washington, USA
    Jan. 14-16, 2011
    Contact: http://www.rustycon.com/contact.htm

    Says the website home page:
    "Rustycon has a focus on literature, science, art, costumes, and gaming. After dark, we become what might be called a relax-a-con"

    Registration: http://www.rustycon.com/register.php

    This year's Convention Committee is chaired by RFF member Bobbie Dufault.

  2. 3rd Conference On Middle-earth
    Westford, MA, USA
    26 March 2011

    Contact Info

    Registration: Evelyn Ryan — registration@3rdcome.org

    Snail mail
    The 3rd Conference On Middle-earth
    P.O.Box 2085
    Albany, NY 12220-0085,

  3. Upcoming Worldcons

    2011: Renovation, Renovation the 69th World Science Fiction Convention, Reno, Nevada, USA
    Wednesday 17 August 2011 - Sunday 21 August 2011
    email: info@renovationsf.org
    postal: Renovation, PO Box 13278, Portland, OR 97123-0278

    2012: Chicon 7, Chicon 7 the 70th World Science Fiction Convention, Chicago, Illinois, USA
    Thursday 30 August 2012 - Monday 3 September 2012
    email: info@chicon.org
    postal: PO Box 13, Skokie, IL 60076

    Look for education workshop(s) of the type that advances the RFF mission at WorldCon, Reno, NV.

  4. SFContario

    Nov. 19-21, 2010

    Ramada Plaza Hotel
    300 Jarvis St.
    Toronto, Canada

    Register: http://sfcontario.ca/reg

    Download registration form: http://sfcontario.ca/documents/Registration%20form.pdf



    Apr. 21-24, 2011

    Doubletree Hilton Seattle Airport
    18740 International Boulevard
    SeaTac, WA



    Feb. 25-27, 2011

    Town and Country Resort and Convention Center
    500 Hotel Circle North
    San Diego, California 92108

    P.O.Box 15771
    San Diego, CA 92175-5771

    Guest Liaison is RFF member Val Ontell
    Featured Guest: Gregory Benford


    Seattle Airport Marriot
    Seattle, WA

    Jan. 14-16, 2011

    Early registration: $40.00 until Nov 15, 2010
    Register: http://www.rustycon.com/register.php
    Featured Guest: Patricia Briggs


    Bubonicon 43

    Date not yet given:
    Organizational info to be distributed in March and May 2011.

    Contact:NMSF Conference
    PO Box 37257
    Albuquerque, NM 87176

    Featured Guests: Stephen Leigh / S.L. Farrell

  5. All info below is from the Bubonicon page on Facebook:

    Bubonicon is currently deciding on a theme for the convention #43, which will be in August.

    General Information:
    Bubonicon 43 memberships go on sale in mid-November! Bubonicon 43 Dealer Info online January 2011. Guest invitations go out in early March 2011. And Art Show rules & forms online next May! We are open to suggestions, comments and questions…

    August 26-28, 2011 [date of convention]