Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Donna Barr Speaks Out on Self-Publishing

Donna Barr, author of The Grandmother's Hive, is self-published. She has these words to say about her experience in the industry. With permission, I quote her comments on Facebook in response to a posting on the Wall of author Steven Barnes.

"...Self-publishing is more and more an option out there.,, and those are just two of the major ones I use. It's NICE to dip into Paypal or my checking account and ask, ..."Where the $$!#! did this money come from?" (I feel like my Multiple Associative Syndrome friend whose alters keep opening new bank accounts). After awhile you have to cruise around and harvest the money from the sites, because it keeps dribbling in all over the place. Start posting your stuff at; the teeny payments don't get hit with fees at Paypal (bwa ha ha)."

And continued in another 2 comments: First, "Once it's up, you just steer people there. By yacking on facebook, putting up links -- people want to go see what you've got up. What? You can't type out an OpenOffice document, simply format it, slap up a photo you want to use for the cover (or hire me to PAINT it, hint hint), upload that puppy and get out of the way? Then tweak the format for the next site (these are PRINTERS, not publishers, so you get to put it up anyplace you want). Then again, I've been in drawn books and we LED the charge into being able to make our own money and not fool with distributors or publishers (the technical term is 'Going to the dark side'...)"

Second, "While I'm at it, it's Schiller time: Sonia, Haven't tried Smashwords -- but it's another option! They've all got advantages and drawbacks, so you find the one you like. Small recommendation: Lulu for customers & retailers to buy wholesale. Createspace for not fooling with distributors and buying a few copies at wholesale when you need 'em. I'm waiting for the day a big online distributor to say "screw this" about charging paper prices for ebooks, slapping up an open format, and thumbing their noses at the rest of the sinking market. Barnes and Noble, by the way, is beginning to gurgle and splash the way distributors do when they're in trouble: they owe me money and WILL NOT PAY THEIR BILL. I'm not saying stop swimming with them but you might want to get a boat or two."

Finally,in response to how writing what a publisher wants, she replied, "AND.... that's why I've been in self-publishing so long. Because otherwise it's ALL pimping."!/permalink.php?story_fbid=193927350621620&id=604520909

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At the description of The Grandmother's Hive (©2008) is, "An old house is the source of fear and suspicion for the neighborhood children; one small boy discovers his fears were standing between him and the funnest family he's ever met. Beautiful illustrations and ornate poetry will delight both children and adults."

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