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Reflections Collections -- 1/21/11

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Alien © julien tromeur -
Alien ©julien tromeur -

Happy New Year and Congratulations to RFF,Inc

I do hope you all had a marvelous holiday. With school and colleges back in session, and business picking up as the economy improves, I assume life is busier than ever. May this year be good to you all.

Reading for the Future is now, finally, officially, incorporated as a non-profit headquartered in Utah. This incorporation became official around mid-December, 2010, so we rffers are starting the New Year with a new identity. As part of our growth out of infancy, there is work being done to update the Bylaws and to file papers for federal non-profit status.

New Blog Articles

Have you tried Self-Publishing? Donna Barr talked about self-publishing on Facebook. Her remarks are printed here: Donna Barr Speaks Out on Self-Publishing

How do we know that a book is good for children and youth? As I explore this question, I--and hopefully others-- will be writing short posts on the topic until, eventually, I can develop a rubric that I can use to judge books for kids with an eye out for usefulness in a classroom.

The first article in this series is Beginning a Checklist for Evaluating Children's Literature

After a holiday break, there are 2 new FB Reports:1/13/11 and 1/19/11.

Hanging out around the RFF Mailbox

James Gunn invited us all to explore this cause listed on Facebook: "Support Writing in Schools."

Happily, about 1/2 dozen new members joined TalkingRFF during the months of December and January.

Cie McCullough is busily writing blog posts in which she mentions RFF and children literacy. She lists here posts on the Reading For the Future page on Facebook.

There is a group of members working on the WorldCon workshop project that will teach teachers how to use science fiction in the classroom.

Others have attended/presented/organized writer workshops, convention panels, and more at recent libraries, museums, and fantasy/science fiction conventions.


Facebook page stats for 1/17/11, copied directly from the emailed report:

203 monthly active users (+0 since last week)
302 people like this (-3 since last week)
30 wall posts or comments this week (+20 since last week)
55 visits this week (+0 since last week)

Hats off to Cie, the admin for the Reading For the Future page on Facebook, for her hard work in locating those links! Thanks to others who have contributed to the Page in the recent weeks, too. Keep the data flowing in, ya'll!

Blog stats for 1/20/11, copied directly from Stats page on the blog Dashboard and slightly reformatted.

Pageviews yesterday ...........9
Pageviews last month ........192
Pageviews all time history...745


Til next time, Valerie C.

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