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Facebook Report: Lots of Links on Speculative Fiction -- 2/22/11

Reading For the Future Some of my favorite authors publish with Baen, however a couple of their works were left off the list. But it is a start. Fledgling and Saltation, both by Lee and Miller were both left off the list, although Baen published them last year or so. At least the ones on the list were personally vetted by someone who has read each one. ~Valerie C.
Young Adult Reading List - Baen Books
This is a preliminary list of books published by Baen deemed by me, Toni Weisskopf, executive editor, (with help from editor Hank Davis) to be suitable for an intelligent young adult reader. These are the books I would have read (and in some cases did read) when I was in middle and high school. I en

Reading For the Future Good luck if you have been nominated! :)
SFWA announces the 2010 Nebula Award Nominees
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Reading For the Future Three great books represented here, so it was a must share
(even though only two were SF) __this refers to an image posted by REading For the Future.

Reading for the Future: 'Admiral Richard Byrd said on the eve of his polar voyage "Jules Verne guides me."'
There are some great examples here. Answer the call for help, or use it as a jumping off point in a discussion.
Inspired By Science Fiction?: Science Fiction in the News
Inspired By Science Fiction? I'm doing a talk on science fiction and innovation at the Wharton business school, and I need a list of people who were inspired by science fiction in their careers. Also, I need more examples of modern-day scientists who have specifically stated that particular ideas we.....153 ImpressionsRaw number of times this story has been seen on your Wall and in the News Feed of your Fans · 0% FeedbackNumber of Comments and Likes per impression

Reading For the Future Futuristic Movie Timeline, also by Dan Meth.
Yes, these are movies, but most started out as great books.
Notes by the creator:
No one really pays much attention to what year sci-fi movies take place. I thought it would be interesting to arrange some classic films about the future into chronological order and see what we’d find. I’ve als...o charted the years in which they were released as well as the current year. This is by far the geekiest thing I’ve ever done.
* I only included movies in which Wikipedia knew the exact year.See More

Lynn E. Cohen Koehler
Today's Al's Book Club for Kids pick! Tony DiTerlizzi!!
The Search For WondLa
[reposted from 1/31/11]

The Fantasy World Map by Dan Meth (an image)
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Reading For the Future Very interesting contest - Imaginary books!
Lost Pages’ Imaginary Book Contest :: ChiZine Publications

Reading For the Future


Reading For the Future Who we are and how to reach us
(Link to Notes where information is kept for websites, blog and physical address of RFF,Inc.)

Reading for the Future~Valerie via EDGE Publishing
As you may already know, "Tesseracts Fifteen: A Case of Quite Curious Tales", edited by Julie Czerneda, and Susan MacGregor (Fall 2011) is the ONLY Tesseracts in the 16 edition all-Canadian speculative fiction series to be developed for a YA audience. So, in celebration of T15, our question for you today i...s: "What was your favorite fantasy story growing up?". Would you read it again now?See More

Laura Lind What got me into SF was _Black Cauldron_, but now I can't stand it.
February 16
Reading For the Future I loved the juvenile Heinleins. I no longer get surprised to have adults say certain books are boring and formulaic. After all, kids like different stuff. And although I love H. Beam Piper, who writes suitably for YA, I cannot make myself finish reading Fuzzy Sapiens even though I recommend it highly for YA and junior high along with a science class discussion of scientific method and a history discussion on colonization sociology and politics.
February 17

Reading For the Future
Mars Needs Moms by Berkeley Breathed, 2008 winner of the Golden Duck for Best Picture Book, now a motion picture from Disney
Mars Needs Moms | Disney
Learn about Milo, Ki, Gribble, and the gang from Mars Needs Moms... with videos, games, character bios, and more.

Reading For the Future
Get ready for the 2011 Renovation, the WorldCon in Las Vegas this August. RFF will be there with this teaching workshop called Roadshow. ~Valerie C.
Reading for the Future Reflections: Announcement: RFF Teams with AboutSF for Roadshow at Renovation

Reading For the Future This newsletter links to several new articles posted to the RFF blog. Enjoy!
Check back in a couple of days, too, because some articles mentioned are still in draft form. I plan to edit the newsletter with links as I get the articles completed.
Reading for the Future Reflections: Reflections Collections -- 2/15/11

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