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FB Report: Lots of Links on Speculative Fiction -- 2/3/11

Today's FB Report covers 2 weeks. Life is just too busy to keep to the weekly schedule. It is possible that a biweekly FB Report is to be the pattern of the future. We will see. ~Valerie C.

Reading For the Future After the sad and unnecessary death of Melissa Mia Hall, aka MMH, all writers should know there is now an option out there.
Please, pass this along
We Now Offer Health Insurance to Our Members | NWU - National Writers Union
Effective immediately, the National Writers Union is offering our members a chance to buy quality health insurance. This program offers the most comprehensive health insurance package available to individual freelance writers in the U.S.

Reading For the Future My 11-year-old is very interested in History and Greek Mythology; I can't think of any science fiction that has _more_ gore and sexual content than History and Greek Mythology. - Alberto Monteiro

This quote is from our Talking RFF Yahoo group discussion entitled 'Why would you not share a book to a kid?'. If you'd lik...e to join in, pop on over to Yahoo and join the group :)

  • Lawrence Morrison Could not find the forum, hope someone suggested the Percy Jackson series.!

  • Reading For the Future  Lawrence, so glad you looked for it! :D
  • Talking RFF is a Yahoo Group, not a forum. I am unsure if I can post a link to the group section, since the one downside is that everyone does need to create a Yahoo ID to join. However, I have all upd...ates sent to me once a day at my regular address. Feel free to msg me, Cie McCullough, with any questions.See More

  • Reading For the Future In the Yahoo! Group directory the group is called rff. Hope this helps. More links to come soon.~Valerie C.

Reading For the Future Thank you Jan Howard Finder for this, although I would still like my pneumatic people tube.
Ray Bradbury Prunes Commercial
Strange prunes commercial from, I believe, the 60s.

Reading For the Future courtesy of Lynn E. Cohen Koehler: Today's Al's Book Club for Kids pick! Tony DiTerlizzi!!
The Search For WondLa

Reading For the Future What vintage science fiction has to do with the future of self-directed learning.
Isaac Asimov on Creativity in Education & The Future of Science | Brain Pickings
In a rare 1988 interview, iconic sci-fi author Isaac Asimov shares cunning insights on the role of creativity in education and predicts the future of technology with astounding accuracy.

Reading For the Future SF a la Bollywood
Endiran - Enthiran - எந்திரன் Excellent HD Quality
Summa Adhirudhulla..... Enthiran (Tamil: எந்திரன்) is a forthcoming Tamil science fiction film co-written and directed by S. Shankar. The film features Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai in the lead roles with A. R. Rahman working on background score and soundtrack. Produced by Kalanidhi Maran, it is kn


Reading For the Future I just re-read Salvage and Destroy by the late Edward LLewelyn. I remembered enjoying it but this re-read was extra fun. Although the first person narration follows an alien's entry into puberty and hence a subtheme of sexuality runs through the book, I think the book is suitable for youth. Toss in some sociology conce...pts, and the book could spark great discussions.

Reading For the Future
Asimov on Art versus Science
How often people speak of art and science as though they were two entirely different things, with no interconnection. An artist is emotional, they think, and uses only his intuition; he sees all at once and has no need of reason...

Reading For the Future Forwarding to the teachers here. Thank you to Don Glover.
NASA Offers Space Shuttle Tiles to Schools
NASA offers shuttle tiles to preserve the Space Shuttle Program's history and inspire the next generation of space explorers, scientists and engineers.

Reading For the Future After a holiday break, the newsletter for the RFF blog is out. There are 2 new articles mentioned and 2 new FB Reports. Check it out.
Like the alien? It's a royalty free image from Fotolia donated by me--hey it only cost $1.00-- for shared use with my websites and RFF. Isn't he cute? ~Valerie C.
Reading for the Future Reflections: Reflections Collections -- 1/21/11

Reading For the Future From Jeff VanderMeer: I always loved the Infinity Plus website. Now they're doing e-books.
Omnivoracious: Infinity Plus: New Science Fiction/Fantasy Books for the Kindle
For years, Infinity Plus provided a source for high-quality, free science fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories online, plus nonfiction and some novellas. You can still access their website and read hundreds of great stories. But now, too, they've launched a great new e-book series that's very ...


Reading For the Future Thanks to Christopher Barzak for this link: 'If you like Steampunk, and if you like YA, here's your anthology, hot off the press from Candlewick Books, one of my favorite YA publishers, edited by Gavin Grant and Kelly Link, two of my favorite people.
Steampunk! ToC | Small Beer Press
Today Kelly and I are handing over the final copyedited manuscript of the anthology we've been working on for the last year or so: Steampunk! An Anthology of

Reading For the Future News from Nichelle Nichols Communications Page:
Tonight on PBS at 8pm - Gene Roddenberry, Rod Serling, & Irwin Allen.
Great way to introduce the Golden Age of SF
Season Two Preview, Pioneers of Television, PBS Video
PIONEERS OF TELEVISION returns with new stories of the visionaries who shaped the medium.

Reading For the Future Just in case you have not heard the nominations yet.
Philip K. Dick Award
The judges of the 2010 Philip K. Dick Award and the Philadelphia SF Society, along with the Philip K. Dick Trust, are pleased to announce seven nominated works that comprise the final ballot for the award:

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