Sunday, October 17, 2010

Call for Papers: Sci Fi Cons are Asking now for the Future -- 10/17/10

 Are you a serious scholar of science fiction? Are you a literary critic? Do you enjoy serving on panels while dressed as aliens?

These science fiction conventions have asked members of RFF to prepare presentations in a Call for Papers.

"We wouldn't mind a paper or two ourselves," writes
Tuckborough, The Shire, of the 3rd Conference on the Middle Earth.

Featured Call

The deadline for the call for papers for Life, the Universe, & Everything XXIX  is November 15.
 The Marion K. and Doc E  Smith Symposium on Science Fiction and
Fantasy will be held February 10-12, 2011, on the Provo campus of
Brigham Young University.

 We are especially interested in papers in the following areas:

*Mormon culture, literature, and society in relation to sf&f

ʉۢ Literary criticism/analysis of sf&f and related literature
(medieval, renaissance, mythology, magic realism, etc.)

*Science and technology (especially new or unusual)

*Analysis of sf&f relating to poetry and/or theatre

*Serious analysis of sf&f in cinema, television, radio, and other media

Submit FULL papers for consideration to LTU&E to Academics,
4087 JKB, Provo, UT 84602 or email electronic submissions as RTF
files to marny_parkin @ (note new address). Include name,
phone number, street address, and email address on cover sheet.

Papers submitted without contact information will not be considered. Student papers welcome. Please see for more information.

 Papers must be submitted no later than November 15, 2010.  Accepted
papers may be published in the Proceedings volume at a later date.

Other scifi cons have calls out for papers and panels. Visit the resources page for a list of conventions that have frequently hosted workshops and talks by members of RFF.

This list is growing as I learn more about the past activities of RFF. If your favorite science fiction or fantasy convention has room for a session that meets our mission, or workshops for teachers, parents, and librarians on encouraging reading with speculative fiction, let us know.
Please tell the deadline for the presenters to apply as well as the dates of the next convention.  Website links help, too, as do contact names.

Maybe there is a calendar in the making.

Either blog comments or direct contact are welcome ways of sharing this information.


  1. A note especially to writers and artists:
    Renovation, the 2011 Worldcon wants your ideas on programming. The first invites to prospective panelists
    are due out in November. Past experience of RFF member Dave is that one should expect programming slots to be filled by early spring, since slots for the MilPhil 2001 Worldcon program were filled by April for the September con. To ask Dave questions about WorldCon and the RFF and AboutSF roles in the past and future WorldCon programs, contact readingforfuture at AboutSF and RFF presented teacher workshops together at MilPhil Worldcon 2001.

  2. Ignore the email in previous comment.

    Anything for Reno should be sent to AboutSFworkshop @ gmail dot com

    To contact Dave about WorldCon or AboutSF and RFF working together, use the email reading4future at gmail dot com.