Monday, October 11, 2010

Reflections Collection -- 10/11/10

a biweekly newsletter....Vol. 1....Oct. 11, 2010

Book Reviews

Fledgling and Saltation, both by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, are reviewed by Laura Swift Lind of the StarHouse Discovery Center.

Snippets of History  

Introducing Reflections and Reading for the Future
A brief overview introducing Reading for the Future begins the blog "Reflections." 


The common goal that organizes and unites the volunteers of RFF, Inc.

Convention Intentions

Current activity revolves around plans for a teacher workshop in Reno, Nevada, at the upcoming  WorldCon Convention.

New Resources for Public Outreach 

Winners of the Golden Duck Awards for 2010 have been released.

RFF now owns a poster called 'Lil Newt by M. Starkey.  It can be used by members in workshops, library book lists, teaching materials and other ways created by RFF volunteers in RFF projects.  Locate the link in the RFF Yahoo Group Links.

Lynda says this site,, is about the science in science fiction.

David keeps finding sites that discuss all sorts of ideas about science fiction. He share them on 2 different Facebook pages. Some of these will eventually be added to the Resources pages on this blog.

Cie keeps finding interesting articles and quotes for the Reading for the Future page on Facebook. 

Others have shared links and books, too. These collections will be posted soon.

Delving into the RFF Resources Collection

What resources does RFF, Inc., have to share with teachers, parents, librarians, and students? Since 1999, past activities have produced resources of value for that can be used to foster reading using speculative fiction. Today's featured resources include a poster, a page on Facebook, links to book lists, and links to other organizations with a common mission.  Links and information about each are posted on the Resources page of the blog. Look for the list to grow. 

Message from the Blogmaster

Much of the work for incorporating Reading for the Future is now complete; papers have been filed. The RFFOrg members and the RFF Board are busily fine-tuning paperwork and procedures. Much of the collaboration is by email and polls.

To more fully include members in discussions yet cut down on the chaos of group emails, a decision was made to consolidate the regional groups into the main body of the rff Yahoo Group. As current dialogs and projects are completed among members of the regional groups, the smaller groups are being shut down. All members of regional groups are asked to join the main rff Yahoo Group. The tag in the subject area of RFF group emails is [Talking RFF].   

Interest in the blog and the cooperation of RFF members has been wonderful. I want to thank all RFF and RFFOrg members for their contributions and willingness to help. 

You will notice that much is left unposted. There is so much information that it will take time to organize it and write about it. Look for a richer second Reflections Collection!

Keep that blog data coming! Wanted: Articles to post!

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