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Have you read the latest from the Liaden Universe?

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A Quick Word from Valerie

I am a huge fan of Lee and Miller's Liaden Universe series. This mix of sweeping sci fi space opera, romance, alien cultures, and fantasy--with a bit of military sci fi thrown in--keeps me begging for more. For years I wanted to know Theo's story after she was introduced in I Dare.

Well, the wait is over for most. For me, the wait ended last year when I read the working draft of these two novels as they were serialized online, along with the network of fans who were invited to critique the novels as they were written. Maybe Lee and Miller started a trend. Hope so. You can find out more about it on their site .

It was with great pleasure that I received these 2 book reviews from an RFF, Inc., volunteer to tell you what the two novels are about and how they fit in with the mission of RFF, Inc.
~Valerie, rff-blogmaster

Two Book Reviews by Laura Swift Lind

Fledgling by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

Theo Waitley is a young woman who, although she likes learning, isn't doing well in school. It doesn't help that her dad is from another planet and doesn't care about fitting into the university culture, or that her parents have been together her whole life on a planet where most kids don't even know who their dad is, or that she is always getting in accidents. When her mom has to travel to another planet for research, Theo goes with her, and begins to learn about who she is and why she has always had trouble at school.

Saltation by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

In the sequel, Theo Waitley goes off to college. She does much better, but still has trouble with math, until an upperclassman sees her knitting while trying to work out a knotty problem. This gets her an interview with one of the top administrators; and all of a sudden, Theo is on the fast track to be an interstellar pilot. Unfortunately, the planet she's on doesn't like outsiders, and with all her studying, Theo's still not fitting in with the culture.

These two new books set in the Liaden Universe created by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller are geared towards teenagers with the school settings and coming-of age-themes, but will still appeal to adults. It is not necessary to know anything about the previous books to enjoy these, as the main character doesn't know about any of that history, herself. If you have read I Dare, though, you will recognize the final scene.

~Laura Swift Lind
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