Monday, October 18, 2010

The Heinlein Society

Sharing common goals, some RFF members have worked closely with
The Heinlein Society,, on projects in the past. The two organizations even have members in common. Expect more collaborative efforts from these two organizations.

Get to know the Heinlein Society

Actively promoting the works and philosophy of Robert Heinlein, The
Heinlein Society has many programs, including these: 
  • donate books to libraries
  • award scholarships and grants
  • organize and sponsor the Pay It Forward blood drives at science fiction conventions;  For schedule:
  •  award the Heinlein Prize for accomplishments in commercial space activities 
  • provide a CD of workshop resources, science fiction stories, teacher resources and other materials free to teachers and librarians; for a description; table of contents; and to order a copy, visit
  • run teacher workshops at science fiction conventions.
RFF has often collaborated in some of the programs, especially the
workshops for teachers and librarians. RFF assisted in the development
of the Heinlein Society Educator's CD, and many of the RFF members take part in the presentation of the workshops.

Overheard in the rff Yahoo! Group Messages, 10/8/10

The conversation kicked off with a message from David-Glenn Anderson:
"Geo -- Tell Valerie about the Heinlein Society please.  Robert was
goh at the Seattle worldcon.  'All I could see was naked studs...' The hotel was still under construction." Dave then asked a few leading questions for Geo to answer.

"Blood donations were one of Heinlein's concerns (they saved his life
at one point), and in the 70s he promoted blood drives at SF
conventions. When THS started in 2000, we continued that tradition as
well, and to date have collected over 7,400 pints of blood at blood
drives the Society has participated and promoted at various
conventions over the years." wrote Geo Rule, member of both THS and
RFF, in the email conversation of 10/8/10; He was answering Dave
Anderson's question, "Why does the society support blood drives?".

In the same conversation, Maurine Starkey, another member of both
organizations, credits THS with, "My introduction to the Heinlein
Society was with ConJose 2002 as the Blood Drive Coordinator. It was
the best experiance anyone could want with a new organization."

Geo went on to tell us that Robert Silver was the past
president/chariman of The Heinlein Society; Mike Sheffield is the
current leader. ( )

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