Sunday, November 7, 2010

Currently in the Works: Workshops for Teachers, Homeschoolers, Librarians, and Anyone Else Interested

David-Glenn Anderson has reported that many members of RFF are working with AboutSF on presentations for Worldcon in Reno, NV, August 17-21, 2011.

According to messages in the various groups, Dave and a group of RFF members, some who are also members of AboutSF, currently are working to update the lesson files, book lists, and workshop data in the RFF group files and the AboutSF website. Much of this work is in preparation for the Worldcon workshops. Some of it will be used in other sci fi con workshops and local school and library preparations.

Recently, Dave made this announcement in the rff group messages.

A Proposal for a Worldcon Workshop

as quoted from an emailed message from David-Glenn Anderson, 11/1/10

One of the projects we at AboutSF are currently working on is a proposal for a SF roadshow for Renovation, the upcoming Worldcon in Reno, Nevada. AboutSF is excited to partner with Reading for the Future (RFF) on this project. Together, AboutSF and RFF are suggesting five hours [of] work shop[s] for general public, homeschoolers, teachers and librarians.

The proposed roadshow explores the social importance and implications of science fiction and helps educators and others begin the process of choosing SF texts to teach. Presenters will also offer suggestions for how to structure formal SF courses and how to get course approval.

As AboutSF and RFF work to finalize the roadshow proposal, we'd love to hear feedback from you. Additionally, if you have any contacts with local teachers or librarians or others in Reno, please let us know. We're also interested in hearing from those who might want to help organize the roadshow in Reno (if we're accepted!). If you'll be attending Renovation and are interested in getting involved, send us an e-mail at aboutsf@....

AboutSF has hosted day-long workshops at Worldcons in Denver and Montreal and provided materials and panels for many other conventions over the last four years. Both AboutSF and RFF are enthusiastic about the possibility of bringing information about the SF workshop to audiences at Renovation.


So, everyone, send us your list of suitable speculative fiction, lesson ideas, book reviews, book critiques, suggestions, whatever. If you cannot make the convention itself, you can still help with information. Join the Reading for the Future group and send your email, or visit the Reading for the Future page on Facebook and add your discussion or comments. Or comment here. RFF welcomes your involvement.

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