Saturday, November 6, 2010

Getting Involved in Reading for the Future

Have you just joined the Yahoo! Group for RFF? Are you just trying to figure out what we do? Are you interested in getting more involved? Got a suggestion? Want to know why there is so little discussion of ongoing projects? Want to know why so little seems to be happening? Maybe this will answer some of those questions.

A Note from Valerie C.--Re: My take on getting involved in RFF

For new Members and the Public,
a Special Note

Known as RFF or as rff Talking Reading for the Future, the rff Yahoo! Group welcomes you to explore and/or to join this public network of RFF members.

Much of the actual hands-on, nitty-gritty collaboration is done behind the scenes in actual face-to-face meetings like those afforded at science fiction conventions, private emails and in the private group called RFFOrg. Some is done in rff messages.

New members that want to get involved in a volunteer project should mention that to the rff group, called [Talking RFF] in the subject line of the emails, and wait for instructions from one of the RFFOrg members, like Dave (David-Glenn Anderson) or any one of a dozen others, to tell you who to contact about that project. Some of the collaboration will be done within the public group, rff. Either way, your volunteer efforts and suggestions are welcome.

Or feel free to just dialogue. Or share links. Or ask questions. Or to just lurk (i.e.,reading messages but not doing much else). We are all just glad you are on board.

Of course, no spamming or soliciting or advertising or -- well, you know what's generally considered good group conduct; and if you don't, well, someone will tell you when you have broken the rules.

And don't forget to share. Share the the information found on the site with the general public, your local schools and libraries. Share your links, book lists, book critiques, book reviews and such with both rff and with the general public, your local schools and libraries, too.

your rff-blogmaster and member of the RFF Outreach Committee.

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