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FB Report: Lots of Links on Speculative Fiction -- 11/21/10

This has been a quiet week on Facebook. 

Reading For the Future "The Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library in Indianapolis will include a replica of his writing studio, his typewriter, an unopened box of his Pall Mall cigarettes, and some rejection letters from publishers. He got lots of rejection letters."
Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library Opens in Indianapolis
The author Kurt Vonnegut’s friends and family agree that his museum belongs in Indianapolis, the hometown with which he had a complicated and not always complimentary relationship.

Reading For the Future Teaching with Jules Verne
One of the great resources to be found at our Website!
Reading for the Future
Teaching with Jules Verne. Considered by some “The Father of Science Fiction”, in the 1800’s Jules Verne predicted many of the technologies that are reality today. Though Verne was not a scientist, he did have a passionate interest in it as well as a brilliant imagination. He was one of the few writ...

Reading For the Future In researching my next article I came across this site. GREAT books for teaching science including one of my all time favourite short stories Nano Comes to Clifford Falls by Nancy Kress.
10 Books that Prove Science Fiction Just Got Harder
Why do so many books labeled "hard science fiction" actually contain technology that works pretty much like magic in a fantasy novel? Hard science fiction is supposed to be the branch of SF that's rigorously scientific, and doesn't gloss over difficult problems like faster-than-light travel.

Reading For the Future From Lynn E Cohen Koehler...looks like something good to get behind.
Captain Planet Foundation Home
The mission of the Captain Planet Foundation is to fund and support hands-on, environmental projects for children and youths. Our objective is to encourage innovative programs that empower children and youth around the world to work individually and collectively to solve environmental problems in th...

Reading For the Future From Lynn E. Cohen Koehler
Lynn E. Cohen Koehler Anyone going to Philcon? This weekend!
Philcon 2010
The 2010 Philcon Science Fiction Conference

Reading For the Future From Lynn E. Cohen Koehler
Lynn E. Cohen Koehler educational grants for environmental projects
Captain Planet Foundation Home

Reading For the Future for those of you in the SFWA - Nebula Nominations are OPEN
SFWA’s 2010 Nebula Award Nomination period is open
SFWA’s 2010 Nebula Award® nomination period is open from November 15, 2010 to February 15, 2011 23:59 PST. Active and Associate SFWA members are eligible to submit nominating ballots.

Reading For the Future For the record, my 15 year old son thinks it's CGI
Hatsune Miku: Japanese HOLOGRAPH Plays Sold Out Concerts; Science Fiction Comes To Life (VIDEO)
In what is surely a terrible omen not only for musicians but also the continued existence of the world as we know it, holographs are now playing sold out concerts in, where else, Japan. Holographic idol Hatsune Miku is the creation of the group Crypton Future Media, using software from Vocaloid, and

Reading For the Future From David Brin: What
if America lost its knack and desire to make things? My graphic novel,
Tinkerers, is set in 2024, a dystopian future where manufacturing has
declined precipitously; young people head into service careers, and
nearly all innovative products come from overseas. After a catastrophic
...failure, our protagonist searches for answers…Written with Jason Land; Available from Amazon in January. Join the Facebook page
See More
Forward | Graphic Novel

Reading For the Future Hey, the first half of science fiction is science, right?
GeekMom » Blog Archive » Five Ways to Teach Science With Star Trek
The class was taught by a man with a magical cabinet. Behind its doors were rows and rows of VHS tapes holding every episode of every season of every Star Trek series that had aired to date. And they weren’t just for rewards after a tough test or days we had a substitute–he used them to teach scienc...

On valerie's wall from Lynda Williams
Libraries reinvent themselves as they struggle to remain relevant in the digital age,0,6514361.story
Kathy DeGrego's T-shirt lets you know right away she isn't an old-school librarian.

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