Thursday, November 4, 2010

Krysia Anderson, A YA herself, Writer and Poet: her new Poem and new Novel

This post: the Novel; the Poem; Krysia's words.

Elizabeth Wood writes of the novel Misfit Leaves Home by Krysia Anderson, "Woven in the intricate fabric of the ORU, Misfit explores the themes of class and discrimination, duty and individual choice, heredity and destiny."[personal communication, Oct. 2010]

A lofty challenge for the best of authors, an impressive accomplishment for a young woman who can only recently vote, she is so young. Currently, Ms. Anderson is touring local schools, talking to English classes about her work.

This novel is written in the Okal Rel Universe, invented and copyrighted by Lynda Williams, an active RFF member and mentor to Ms. Anderson and other aspiring writers. Learn more about the Okal Rel Universe and both authors.

Krysia Anderson, of Canada, had this to say about her interest in science fiction,
"My love affair with reading really started when I was in grade 4. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone was the very first real book I read on my own and ever since then I can't stop. At first I mostly read fantasy, but as I got older I branched out into science fiction and now I even enjoy non-fiction. Although science fiction is definitely my favourite."

Krysia Anderson shared her newest poem with the Reading For the Future page on Facebook and graciously allowed it to be reprinted here.~Valerie

Books are Masochists 

a poem by Krysia Anderson

Books are Masochists
They call out from the shelves
Screaming harlots of a medium
Hold me
Bend me
Love me
Abuse me
Just so you can soothe me
Throw me across the room if necessary
Stay with me long into the night
and when you're done and satisfied
cast me aside and pick up another one

Open and shut me until my spine breaks
And my pages fall out
Scattering themselves everywhere
They whisper
Read me
And I am eager to oblige

©2010, All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Krysia and I just appeared in Mrs. McInnis-Ryan's class at DP Todd today. Angela gave a powerpoint presentation about the Okal Rel Universe. Krysia read from her novella. Much fun had.