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FB Report: Lots of Links on Speculative Fiction -- 11/7/10

This past week in Reading For the Future page on Facebook
Reading For the Future From Laura Lind - A charter school in Logan, UT needs a library. Currently, they have science books from the 1950's! And not very many books period. They also need to upgrade their building so they can have a room for their ...library, and they need a librarian.
This @bing Our School Needs entry is in the finals. Come vote to help them made it!
Our School Needs A Library!, Bear River Charter School, Logan, UT 84321

Reading For the Future Kami Marin Garcia posted a site some of you might be very interested in checking out.
YALITCHAT.ORG - we write, read and live YA
Membership organization for those interested in fostering the advancement of young adult literature worldwide.

Reading For the Future If you are near Seattle...
URSULA K. LeGUIN & ROGER DORBAND at Seattle Public Central Library | The Elliott Bay Book Company

Reading For the Future Another find from David Brin. Here he asks if the future of books is at stake. We must wonder what will happen to science fiction and books for children.
Steal This Author | The American Prospect

Reading For the Future David Brin finds the best stuff. On his page he said, "A fascinating take on the future of Africa, and how the optimism of science fiction can help inspire the next generation of young scientists to use technology to impact and change society: 'If we ever hope to achieve a sustainable level of technological development..., there is a huge Africa-shaped hole in the world of science fiction that must be filled.' –Jonathan Dotse, Science fiction author from Ghana."~Valerie
Fast-Forward: The Future of Science Fiction in Africa
Many Drums, One Beat

Reading For the Future Thank you Jeff VanderMeer for telling me :)
Omnivoracious: 2010 World Fantasy Award Winners
(2010 World Fantasy Award winner The City & The City: one book to rule them all and in the brightness bind them...except for enclaves of The Wind-Up Girl support.) The 2010 World Fantasy Awards, for achievement in 2009, have been..

Reading For the Future Thanks David Brin for the link :)
Delay the Decay: How Zombie Biology Would Work | Science Not Fiction | Discover Magazine
Apocalypse | Halloween is a-comin' and this Sunday brings us AMC's The Walking Dead. In honor of that, we're discussing The Ethics of the Undead here at Science, Not Fiction

Reading For the Future 10/30-Orson Welles scared the East Coast with his production of THE WAR OF THE WORLDS.
In the fall of 1938, genius extraordinaire Orson Welles, then master of broadcast theatre production for the Columbia Broadcasting System, produced and starred in an exciting on-air dramatization by Howard Koch, based on author H.G. Wells' classic science-fiction "The War of the Worlds"
Elsewhere this past week on Facebook
Bobbie DuFault via Twitter Greeting and Salutations. RustyCon is getting closer and closer. We are really gearing up now for the event....

Robert J. Sawyer Settling in for a day of work at the IFWA Write Off. But wait ... do I hear chicken wings calling my name?

Jane Fancher Posted a new post on their blog
Humanistic Novels. What's that?
I was having a discussion recently with a dear friend about politics, economics, Ayn Rand, and writing when he asked me a question that brought my side of the conversation to an abrupt end. When I said that I didn't write the same kind of book, that I was ...

In comments, J. Fancher, RE: The Captain and Lime states on 11/6/10,"Name : CJ Comment: [from blog ] :..."
[quoted from Cj Cherryh`Re: personal communication with J. Fancher, 11/7/10; used with permission~Valerie]

"I think good sf tries to be humanistic, in the actual sense of the word, meaning employing all human attributes in the best way---it's that 'going where no man has gone before' thing: exploring the unknown, ...with all antennae out. Encounting strange ideas, and not being afraid of them.
It's about overcoming fear. Fear of 'wrong thoughts'. Fear of failure. Fear of disapproval. Fear of not measuring up. Fear of discovering something one can't cope with.

"In that sense, science fiction has a real good grip on that 'humanism as a virtue' thing, which is why good sf scares people who are heavily invested in fencing their minds in barbed wire."
We aren't safe. We shouldn't ever be safe. We should make our readers think and wonder, and be always curious."

Furthermore, there was a discussion of the points of fiction that relate to literary critique. I share the discussion between 2 within the numerous comments to the blog post on humanist novels. Thanks to Leigh Perry,, and Jane Fancher,, for their gracious permission to use their words. [This sentence added 11/9/10]

Partial Discussion on Facebook, 11/6/10, Re: Jane Fancher post on "Humanistic Novels. What's That?"

Leigh Perry Okay, read your article. I would like to add-for myself-that we are also the sum of the exploration of the inside of our own heads. We are a work of sweet imagination made manifest through our need to name ourselves. See, its one thing if s...omeone else labels me... its another entirely when I label myself.

I refuse to close the lid on the gender box.

Jane Fancher @Leigh...totally! My characters are constantly exploring the insides of their heads! Some would say too much! :D As for the gender struggle...of course it's not over, socially or politically. Never said it was. I just tend to write on a br...oader canvas than that. I'm just saying that the struggle for identity...both of self and within a there regardless of gender or talent or money or sexual preference. Bigotry and social scaling is an evil that is not confined to women.

And all I was saying to my friend was that I write from the human/individual side of the equation rather than the political, economic or social side of the issue. I believe you can make all the laws you want, but nothing will really change until the hearts and minds of the people change. And if you change the way people think about one another, the laws won't make a whole lot of difference because the way they are employed will be from an empathetic point of view.
[Jane then added the quote in the box above.]

Leigh Perry (((hug))) @Jane... you rule girl! I wasn't critiszing you, just voicing what was rolling around in my head.

Jane-completely agree with you on the real need to change peoples minds. That it takes a great deal more time than some folks realize. And that that is where lasting change comes from.

The discussion then continued with others and another thread of thought. Deep stuff, but not related to the mission of RFF.~Valerie

Jan Howard Finder ALBACON '11 proudly announces that its Media GoH is Keith DeCandido! The Home Page of Keith R.A. DeCandido
Annotations of Keith's work:Buffy the Vampire Slayer: BlackoutStar Trek: Articles of the FederationStar Trek: S.C.E.: Many SplendorsStar Trek: A Singular Destiny

Of concern to youth is this find of Jane's.

Jan Howard Finder via Kevin Andrew Murphy: GO GEORGE! YOU TELL HIM!
George Takei Speaks Out Against Anti-Gay Bully Clint McCance
George Takei's hilarious response to anti-gay bully Clint McCance, former Arkansas school board member who called for more gays teens to kill themselves.

Jan Howard Finder likes David Brin's status.
David Brin
A crew from the Colbert Report has just arrived at my house to interview me....on the subject of aliens and possible threats to humanity. What could possibly go wrong?

On David Brin's Wall: Chris Galdieri Didn't you feature something like this in Earth?
Scientist Creates a Bot to Argue About Climate Change for Him on Twitter | Slog | The Stranger, Seat

To which Shannon Heimburg replied, 11/5/10, "I want one for evolution."

David Brin via John Grigg: How would we deal with issues of identity if we could make copies of ourselves? Which one would be the real me? A terrific cartoon exploration of some fun philosophical quandaries....and a bit of a take on the concepts in my novel, Kiln People.
John Weldon's "To Be"
Canadian animation by John Weldon offering a lighthearted overview of a central problem of ontology: the continuity of existence.

The Speculative Fiction Database welcome @gloriaoliver to the site! #fantasy #ya
Gloria Oliver « The Speculative Fiction Database
Cat slave and Petting Machine extraordinaire. Also a Spec Fic Author with four Fantasy and YA Fantasy novels in print with more on the way three anthologies, and more books on the way. Member in good standing of EPIC and Broad Universe but have yet to make it into Cat Slaves R Us. Sample chapters

I did a search of speculative fiction on facebook and got this.
None of the other sites seemed suitable for RFF, except maybe the author sites.  And the Speculative Fiction, which Cie monitors, only relates to the RFF mission sometimes.

You might find the Wikipedia Young-adult fiction of interest.


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